We use only high quality professional products. Our decals are matched with the project requirements; so we only use the appropriate materials for your job. However, if application is done by customer we cannot ensure proper adhesion. Drinkware is all sublimated so it is permanent and dishwasher safe. All of our apparel is decorated with professional grade equipment to ensure 100% adhesion to our products.

Our decal materials are rated for between 3-5 years; depending on the material. On most of our apparel, we use professional grade vinyl and it is rated for 50 washes. We also can sublimate on polyester based clothing (light colours only) the ink dyes the material with the design, therefore it is permanent. Drinkware and accessories are all decorated with the sublimation process and bonds to the surface of the product, which makes it permanent.

We can make decals for any non-porous surface. For all our apparel we can decorate most materials. Cotton or polyester works best. Materials we cannot decorate are acrylic, elastine, nylon, and rayon. Sublimation for clothing needs to be polyester and light coloured. We can do blends of polyester as long as the polyester content is at least 50%. The lower amount of polyester will cause a faded vintage look. We can ONLY sublimate on specific materials for drinkware and accessories. They have a coating on them that has the ability to accept the dyes.

As with any apparel, different brands and cuts will fit differently. We do have sizing charts and measuring instructions to help your choose the correct size. We do have SOME items in stock for you to try on (by appointment only)

We can decorate our apparel with your logo, of course. As for team logos, corporation logos, and characters; we are unable to use them, they are copy written and trademarked and therefore not legal to copy.

We prefer to have a vector file (.eps, .ai, .svg or .pdf); as they are scalable and will not lose quality. We can use .jpg or .png but we do need high quality files, just like on your printer if the files are low quality then the prints will be low quality.

We do offer discounts for large orders (15 items or more; excluding labels). Discount amounts vary depending on the item, so please ask what it would be for your item. Working with small businesses we try to give the best pricing possible so sometimes there may not be the ability to give extra discounts.

Yes, we wholesale to other businesses looking to resell their items. Please email or message us on facebook for more details.