Lots of Options

Here at Fredin Graphics we carry a ton of clothing options, everything from tees to hats, hoodies to polos. We also have pants and socks available.

No Minimums

We cater to small businesses; as a small business ourselves we know how hard it is to obtain professional looking clothing to advertise who you are and the professional look you want to show to your clients.


Arrange a Group Buy

We don't just do branded clothing, we have helped companies start selling their own ideas for merchandise and made it easy for them to get started without having to bulk order a ton of items. You can order a sample or mockups and take preorders.


We Love Teams

We also have worked with teams to do spirit wear; this helps raise funds for teams to travel, get new gear and more. We give a percentage of the sales back to the organization. Whether it is a home and school association, hockey team, dance studio or gymnastics; we are here to help you out.

If you are looking for apparel, please email us at